Tick Tips

April 25th, April 27th and May 18th

 Let's get together for some food, drinks, socializing and learning!! 

Dates and times: April 25th @9:30am

                               April 27th @ 6pm

                               May 18th @ 6pm

Spring has sprung and that means we go from worrying  about the flu to worrying about the dreaded tick. Are things as bad as  people say? What do I do when I find one? Should I worry? The best  answer to all of these is...get educated. Learn about what worries you  so you know best how to combat it for your family! Some things we will  discuss are:
1. What are ticks? How many types are there? Which ones should we worry about?
2. Life cycle of a tick. Life of a tick away from its habitat (example: if a tick gets inside your home, how long can it survive?)
3. Lyme Disease-what is it, which ticks carry it, when does transmission occur?
4. I found a tick on my child or myself...what do I do? What should I do after removal?
5. How do I prevent tick bites in the first place?
6. Proven effective substances
7. Creating a tick routine for your family that fits into your lives
8. How to make your own child and animal safe tick repellent.
9. In store brands that you can buy and what makes them effective.

 While discussing how to make your own repellent and what substances are  the most effective, you'll get a printed out recipe and you'll be  taking home a small amber glass bottle of the spray to use, and then  you'll have the bottle to use for your future refill making!

The cost will be 25.00  This will provide food and drinks (wine and non  alcohol). I make everything myself and I try to ensure that all forms of  diets are included, so please tell me of any allergies or intolerances!

Please note, there are 3 dates...All of  them will relay the exact same information, I just try to accommodate as  many people as I can! For the Thursday date, you are allowed to bring  your child as long as they are not sick, or recovering from sickness.  There is a playroom just a few feet from where we will all be hanging  out :) This day is specifically made for the SAHMs who have a littler  harder time getting away on the weekends! (But everyone is welcome!)

 I am limiting each class to 15 people, so that we all have time to  chat, get questions answered and have good one on one time if needed!  You must prepay to reserve your spot. If you RSVP that you are coming, I  will message you for payment details!

I can't wait to see everyone! Please note that you do not have to be a Raising Tiny Healthy Human group member to come, so if you would like to  bring a friend along that is totally ok, just let me know! We always  have such fun when we get together, I am sure this will be no  different!!

Don't hesitate to message or call me if you have questions! My email is
In good Tiny Human health,

Can't Make it?

 Remember-If you can't make any date, but would still like to learn,  message me for a one on one coaching session and Ill relay all the info  to you! It can be in person or via video conference! (Cost for that is  30.00)