One on one coaching - a la carte/Hour by hour

 Whether you have a specific health/nutrition goal in mind for yourself or your family but don't want a detailed wellness plan, this is for you. We spend an hour or however much time you want discussing, planning, and answering questions! The rate is 60.00/hour at my office or virtual. The time is yours for whatever you want to discuss. You will leave with any printouts I have that may be beneficial and if you would like a full write up of the items/topics we discuss and some extra information past our discussion time, the add on cost would be a flat $35.00 fee per session (you do not have to utilize this option, you are free to take notes, screen shots, etc of anything we discuss during our time together. 

Some examples could be (not limited to!):

-you want to discuss how to get more vegetables in your child's diet

- you have found out you have Type 2 Diabetes and want to know where to start and not ready to commit for a full wellness plan. 

-you want to discuss vitamin options for your child or family

-you were told you have low Vitamin D and want to learn ways to naturally defeat the deficiency

individual and family wellness plans

 Do you need a full wellness plan for you or your family? From needing to lose weight, work to overcome a health issue, or get your family on a path to good nutrition. This would be for you.

A complete wellness plan consisting of: 

  • dietary, nutrition and lifestyle information tailored to your personal or family goals
  • exercise information and ideas 
  • motivation throughout our time together (and probably some checkins from me even after)
  • face to face or virtual check-ins if needed 
  • meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes
  • a one hour in-store coaching session in the grocery store of your choosing (can have additional time at an extra charge)
  • all information delivered via face to face (unless out of town/state) and also in a complete and typed up packet delivered via email.

These packages range from $450-$800 depending on scope and size of family. 

Some examples would be:

-You need to lose weight and get your cholesterol down but have no idea where to start.

-You need to get on track with learning nutrition for your growing children and what types of meals you can make.

-You haven't been sleeping well and have no idea why and would like to try and figure it out.

-You have had a life changing medical diagnosis and need help on education about the disease and steps that can be taken.

grocery store/Farmers market consultations

 Feel like you have a handle on this nutrition thing but when you get to the store you are overwhelmed by all the choices? Meet me at your grocery store of choice or Farmer's Market and lets walk the isles and talk about what confuses you, so that you can make the best choices for your family and budget! Rate is $50.00/hour as long as the grocer is within 15 minutes of my home address. Otherwise the rate is $60.00/hour.

Group Education- Private classes

 Have a topic you and your friends want to know about? Want to spend some quality time with them while you learn? Group education is for you! I charge 35.00 per person, regardless of number of people! Just send me the topic and we will figure out dates/times that work best for your group. Can be at my home or yours. (Travel fee of 25.00 applies if drive is more than 20 minutes from my home.)

Some examples could be:

-You want to learn how to make your own cleaning products

-You want to learn how to make your own deodorant/personal care prodcuts

-You want to learn about making whole food gummy bears for your kids and don't know where to start

-there is nothing you can't learn about Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyles!!

Meal Plans

 Do you feel like you have a handle on your family's nutrition but just need new ideas for food? Or are you in a rut with the current recipes you have? I can create custom meal plans for you, complete with nutrition info and shopping lists tailored to your needs! Pricing starts at 15.00 for 1 week (15.00 per week) or 50.00 for a full month. This is emailed to you within 48 hours of payment. 

Options can include (but aren't limited to): Gluten free, dairy free, low carb, keto, weightloss, hormone balancing, kid friendly.

on call coach

This option is for individuals who have had AT LEAST 1 One on One Coaching session with me. This gives you the opportunity to call/email/text me with varying short/limited nutrition questions to which I provide answers to within 1.5 hours of receipt. If I see you are at the grocery store I will do my best to respond immediately.  This is a subscription service that is paid monthly and is not refundable after midnight of the last day of each month. There is not a limit to the amount of questions, although I ask for no more than 10 in a week. Monthly price is 75.00. 

Examples would be:

-"Hey Erin I'm at the grocery store and what is the difference in organic eggs and free range ones"?

-"Hey Erin I'm at the store and one can of organic beans has just beans and water, the other has bean, water and soy lecithin and is cheaper, is there a difference?"

-"Hey Erin my son is wanting a healthier version of his sports drink, can you send me a recipe to try?" note that this is not meant to be a meal planning service, but rather occasional food replacements :)